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Every school or college classroom should ideally have a library. There are some essentials of a library that make it stand out and serve its purpose. Books that are found in a library should do more than educate learners. They should also entertain and inspire.

The Essentials

The first step for setting up classroom libraries is to make sure that they are well equipped. This goes beyond having a stack of course textbooks. They should also have digitized and virtual books that can be accessed without the learners being physically present in the classroom. Another essential for a good classroom library is that it should cater to the learners’ needs. The books and other learning tools must match their needs based on their age, level of skill, and curriculum.

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The best libraries are those that are modern and in line with the current changes in the education sector. This means that libraries must now explore the use of tools such as educational computer games and interactive resources. The learning tools should also be easily accessible and usable by the learners so that they are motivated to keep using and borrowing them from the library. Educators should update classroom libraries regularly as the curriculum changes.