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It undoubtedly takes a lot of deliberate effort to catch the attention of a typical five-year-old. Teachers who work with young learners admit that the biggest challenge is always keeping the children interested and engaged. One of the proven ways to teach children effectively is through the use of learning aids such as video games. There are many educational resources both online and off the net. The challenge is to make sure you have chosen the right ones.

Best Features for Five Year Olds

Before you choose the games, you must make sure that they are simple enough. The five-year-old should be able to not only understand the basic concepts of the game but to also navigate through it quickly. Another outstanding feature of games for 5 year olds is that they should be scalable. The young users should be able to progress to other levels easily such that even when they are older, they can still use the game without outgrowing it too quickly. Young people tend to enjoy games that are colorful, with animations, songs, and superhero themes, so you should make sure you are choosing a game whose subject they will resonate with.

Choosing the Right Game

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The first step is to always go through the game and check if it has appropriate content. You should then read the reviews from other people who have used the game to see how beneficial it was to five-year-old learners. You can also ask for recommendations from other educators who have incorporated the use of games as a teaching tool.