Egyptian school teacher 300x200 - How to Make Lessons More Engaging and Fun

One of the biggest struggles that teachers have is making their lessons more engaging and fun. Learners are becoming more exposed to digital tools and platforms, which makes them impatient when they have to listen to teachers speaking in class.

Making Lessons More Engaging

* Use video games: There are some video games specifically made to complement education. Some are available online and can be used for virtual classes. The trick is to introduce new things that will catch the interest of the learners.

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* Get learners to be actively involved: This can be in the form of coming up with role plays, experiments, and other details that would help learners be more involved in the hands-on experience. Learners are more likely to retain information when they are actively involved.

* Step out of the classroom: Organise activities that take the learners out of a traditional classroom. It does not have to be a field trip far away. Even teaching in an open space at the school can bring out so much fun. You can also include tasks such as song and dance to break the monotony.