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Visual learners learn best when they can see what is being discussed. They tend not to do well when there is too much talk with less visible support. The challenge in a language class is that most of the modules are meant to be delivered verbally. Visual learners feel frustrated and left out when other people seem to be engrossed in the language lessons. Teachers should incorporate different learning tools for visual learners.

Teaching Visual Learners

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One of the best ways to teach visual learners is through charts and infographics. They tend to retain more when they can actually see what is being discussed. Visual charts and infographics can be used to teach different aspects of language. The learners can even be encouraged to make their own charts and visual aids. There are also educational video games that add visuals to the learning process. These resources always incorporate different things such as songs, puzzles, pop quizzes, and other exciting tools. Using flashcards and visual slide presentations are also great teaching aids for visual learners. Another trick is to encourage them to sit at the front of the class to not get distracted during lessons. Anytime there is new vocabulary to be introduced, write it down so that they can actually see it.