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If you are a teacher, you must understand the different personalities of learners. This makes it easier to choose the mode of teaching. It takes extra effort to teach introverts and get them to be fully immersed in lessons.

What to Consider

Student teacher in China 300x224 - Things to consider when teaching introverts

Most classroom teachings are geared towards active participation and fast-paced sessions. If you are teaching introverts, you must remember that they may not get into the flow as extroverts do. Resist the urge to make them feel like they are slow or missing out for not being actively involved. The best way to teach introverts is to reach out to them and gently nudge them to participate. Do not rush them. Take time and encourage them to participate. If they are not open to it, let them be without undue pressure. You should also explore the possibility of using other forms of learning, such as video games that will allow the introverts to express themselves without feeling like all the focus is on them. Moreover, using different learning tools can be a good icebreaker for the introverts to socialize with their classmates. Always remember that being introverted does not mean they need to be fixed. As a teacher, you should avoid comparing your introverted learners with the extroverted ones in an attempt to make them ‘catch up.”